Divorce & Separation

If you are considering, starting or in the middle of a divorce, here is where you will find information about your options, as well as counseling and support resources to help you through this challenging transition.



Family Law Issues

A wide variety of programs and services are available to help individuals get appropriate solutions for their family law issues.

Free legal information and referrals. Free legal advice based on financial eligibility.

Family Justice Services.

Family Law Information, Parenting After Separation, What Children Need, Focus on Communication and Family Mediation Services.

Divorce the collaborative way.

Department of Justice Canada, Supporting Families – Separation and Divorce Resources.

Student Legal Services Edmonton.


Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services may be able to help you come to an agreement on parenting arrangements and other family issues without resorting to the courts.

Alberta Justice Services and Family Mediation.

Alberta Family Mediation Society, a
non-profit organization that provides mediation services.



Programs and services are available to support parents and children, as well as effective co-parenting.

Additional parenting resources can be accessed through the Government links provided under Divorce and Mediation services as well as toll-free in Alberta through Service Alberta by dialling 310-0000, followed by the area code and number you wish to reach.

Parenting After Separation Seminar (PAS)
This is a free six-hour workshop designed to assist parents understand the process and effects of separation on their children and how to make positive choices about how they will continue to parent their kids.

Focus on Communication in Separation (FOCIS)
Learn to communicate effectively and reduce tensions from conflict while parenting apart.

Edmonton 780-644-5092*
Calgary 403-297-6981
Regional 403-340-7187

For both PAS and FOCIS, check out www.albertacourts.ab.ca and




Parent Link aims provide support and accessible parent resources in the community to help children develop and arrive at school ready to learn. Centres are located throughout Alberta. In Edmonton call 780-644-4492.

A directory of Canadian groups concerned with supporting children’s relationships with both parents after a divorce or separation.

Useful tips sheets for Co-parenting. Click on Services, then on Family and Children’s Services, then on Parent Link Family Resource Centre, then on Co-parenting tip sheets

A wealth of information on parenting coordination and team supported divorce.



Everything you need to know about support and maintenance enforcement. The Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) helps to ensure that individuals meet their obligations to pay spousal and child support under the terms of their court orders and certain agreements.

On-line calculator provides a quick and easy to calculate your basic child support amounts.

A service is available that will annually recalculate court-ordered child support based on current income tax information so families can avoid the time and expense of going to court

Legal aid is available for people who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer from their own resources.


Support Resources


Offers the Rainbows programs for children experiencing loss through death or separation and divorce. Also provides facilitator training for Rainbows throughout Alberta.

The Support Network provides referrals to thousands of organizations, including services offered in Edmonton for families, parents and children. Helps individuals in Edmonton in crisis situations, by phone (211), in person and online.

Divorce coaching and managing your emotional divorce: your one-stop source for the support and answers you need to get back on track.

h ttp://the-family-centre.com/
Family Centre provides support and counselling for parents, children, teens and families.

Men’s Support Services.

Support services offered Province wide.

Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters provide a variety of services for children and their families.

Members-only support group for coping with divorce: helps with the critical first stages of separation and divorce.


Support group founded in November 2014; over 600 Members


Central Alberta

Programs and family services in Central Alberta.

Programs and family services in Red Deer.

Southern Alberta

CCIS is a non-profit volunteer organization which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta.

Calgary region and Southern Alberta. CORNERSTONE OF HOPE helps families live
through loss with programs for children and adults.

Family Centre Society of Southern Alberta in Lethbridge, provides services to children and their families as a Family Resource Centre. It is a Government of Alberta Parent Link Centre and an Alberta Promise Agency.


Vanier Institute of the Family located in Ottawa provides leadership and information for families in Canada, through research, consultation and policy.

United States

Christian-based divorce support for adults and kids.


General Information

The Government of Alberta offers a wide variety of programs and services.

A magazine about divorce and separation.

General divorce resource.

A Macleans article about a book for divorced parents called “Joint Custody with a Jerk”, by authors Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran.

Family Matters
with Justice Harvey Brownstone is an online TV program dealing with parenting after separation and divorce, as well as many other issues.


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